the impulse factory

The Impulse Factory BV will be present on the PLMA- Amsterdam at 16-17 May 2017.
Standnumber: 4841



The new webpage of The Impulse Factory is online!



The Impulse Factory tries to improve their quality daily. To do this we follow the IFS (International Food Standard) procedures.

That we succeed in this is proven by the new IFS certificate we received in September where we advanced from standard to higher level.

A proof that our focus on product development and control and intensive cooperation with our suppliers guarantees the best quality for our snacks.

We work only and exclusively together with specialized IFS / BRC certified factories.

  • Chickpeas shells

    Chickpeas based, shell shaped crisps.
    Different flavour variations are possible.

  • Lentil Curls

    Lentil based chips.
    All flavour variations are possible.

  • Toast & Croutons & Grisinni

    If you find an interesting snack but you prefer to have it for example organic, free from additives, light or without certain allergens? For The Impulse Factory is every option achievable. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

    Together we will reach an excellent result for a snack.


  • Bretzels

    Appetizer snacks, salted small bretzels.

  • Bretzel mix

    Appetizer snacks, salted bretzels and salted sticks.

  • Salted mix

    Appetizer snacks, mix of salted bretzels and biquits.

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