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Organic snacks

In the last decade, The Impulse Factory became one of the leading suppliers of organic snacks. Our pulse chips are successful all over Europe in retail, drug and speciality stores as well as web sales. The organic origin, clean label, the lower fat content and last but not least their excellent taste, are the base of success.
Next to pulse chips we supply organic snacks in other product categories as well.

Customer and consumer focus; perfect quality snacks.

The Impulse Factory monitors international food trends closely. The company is constantly matching the assortment with the latest market demands. However, The Impulse Factory also develops products based on tailor made product requested by its customers.
A perfect taste is the prime focus in the development process as taste eventually is key for lasting success in the market. The Impulse Factory and its production locations are IFS and or BRC certified to meet and guarantee the highest market standards. The Impulse Factory is also SKAL certified related to the organic assortment.